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Stuart Katz's Rip-Roaring New Novel!


When 1960s counterculture and wise guys collide
with sex, drugs and rock 'n roll

JUST PASSING THROUGH is the freewheeling, rip-roaring story of Ray 'The Kid' Cardini, son of New York Mob boss Paul 'The Killer' Cardini. Ray's wise guy upbringing endures a psychological and literal shoot-out as he attempts to embrace the Woodstock generation during the Vietnam era and beyond. To become his own man and find true love, Ray must learn the difference between being a wise guy and a wise man.


JUST PASSING THROUGH is an entertaining yet profound coming of age story. Starting at the 1969 Woodstock Music Festival, Katz's imagination merges memorable mob guys, hippies and everyday people to bring history cinematically alive.

Any guy would want to hang out with the main character Ray, and any woman would want to be with him. The wisdom and life lessons espoused by Ray's wiseguy father Paul `the Killer' Cardini and Ray's mentor Norton can benefit anyone. You'll emerge wiser and feeling fulfilled after reading this wonderful novel.

The multitude of characters and scenes are vividly well-written and many are quite unforgettable. I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of emotion of the character's relationships in this fun, roller-coaster read.

And the food descriptions - OMG! I almost salivated on my kindle while my head grooved to the novel's amazing soundtrack. The story is loaded with music - there's something for everyone. Santana to Sinatra, Jimi Hendrix to Etta James, Dion to Dylan and lots more.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the love and sex scenes. I was touched by the tenderness and poignancy of the love scenes. And the sex scenes - wow - you can't help but be aroused and intrigued. For starters, check out the dinner scene between Ray, his psychiatrist and her two friends - it's guaranteed wood and could prove to be the litmus test if you need Viagra. If you're a woman, you'll definitely feel empowered. The sex scenes in this book are way hotter than FIFTY SHADES OF GREY.

I'd recommend this book to anyone - it's beautiful, its heartbreaking, its comically deranged, it's poignantly profane.
Hey Katz - how about a sequel? In the meantime I hope they turn JUST PASSING THROUGH into a movie.
This book delivered as promised and then some.
Fuhgeddaboudit - you won't be able to!"

One of my first coming of age reads and wow what a great find! The book is written such that the characters are easy to relate to, yet present unique qualities that set them vastly apart. Jammed packed with Italian mafioso humor and the temperament of the 1960s epoch, Katz weaves in and out timeless life lessons that are as fun as they are thought provoking.
I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to revisit a historical time in America through a crystal clear lens of scope and understanding...fuggedaboutit!"

The book was sprinkled with surprises throughout but it was the characters that kept me totally engrossed. The main character, Ray, seemed lifelike. He could be your brother, your neighbor, a friend. I enjoyed reading about his life, the choices he made, and really savored watching him grow into a man. I think my favorite part of the book was Norton. He was such a wise old man who was Ray's saving grace. I enjoyed Norton's wisdom on life and he really had me thinking about things in my own life."

"A definite book to grab!"

The interesting and original context sets the tone for Ray's striking reality, shaped by serendipity and extremeness. We're fully immersed in both the Italo-American mafia business as well as the early 1970s game-changing society. Sometimes funny and sometimes disturbing, Ray's compelling story just takes us back to our own attempts to make our lives meaningful.
I also enjoyed the diversity of the characters, and thought they all successfully contribute to make this book spicy and entertaining."

I really enjoyed this. Not what I expected. A captivating coming of age story. I would read more from this author because his words make a person visualize exactly what is going on. The story has life lessons, funny encounters, heart breaking events, and a nice overall flow to it. There are also sexual scenes but not raunchy or distasteful. I would recommend it to others and read it again."

This story had many twists and turns, sometimes taking an odd turn. However, I enjoyed the story so much I found it hard to put down at times."