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Natural Medicine Expert

Yoga Facelift Formula Creator 

Founder of Galen Botanicals

Dr. Elaine Gavalas is a leader in Yoga Anti-Aging Programs and Natural Anti-Aging Skin Care.


She is:

  • A Board Certified Natural Medicine Practitioner.
  • The creator of Yoga Facelift Formula and research-based Yoga Facelift Exercises, a natural and inexpensive alternative to toxic botox, fillers and invasive cosmetic surgery.
  • The founder of, which develops 21st century anti-aging remedies with organic, sustainable botanicals.
  • A best-selling author, with years of research distilled into 14 health books, hundreds of articles and video tutorials.
  • Featured on NBC Today Show, Martha Stewart Living Today, PBS, CNN and numerous radio programs, podcasts, videos, magazines and newspapers worldwide.
  • Your expert guide to the healing benefits of yoga therapy and holistic health.