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Dr. Elaine Gavalas is a Board Certified Natural Medicine Practitioner, International Best-Selling Author, Yoga Therapist, Exercise Scientist and Founder of Galen Botanicals. Dr. Elaine's Natural Anti-Aging Skin Care, Beauty and Wellness Products are available at GalenBotanicals.com and Amazon Galen Botanicals Store.


She's been featured on the NBC Today Show, Martha Stewart Living Today, PBS, CNN and numerous radio programs, podcasts, videos, magazines and newspapers worldwide. 


Dr. Elaine is a spokesperson, brand ambassador and content creator for natural skin care, beauty, diet and wellness companies such as Lasta Fasting and Amie Naturals.

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With years of research distilled into 13 books, hundreds of published articles, videos, transformational programs and natural products, Dr. Elaine is the foremost expert on the benefits of yoga and natural health.


Dr. Elaine's bestselling books and video editions including her latest fiction book Riding a Time WaveThe Yoga Minibook Series, Yoga Weight Loss Guide, Yogi in the Kitchen and TheYoga Minibook for Wealth are Free with Amazon Kindle Unlimited here.


For Consultation, Spokesperson and Business Inquiries: