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Thank you Crystal & Rox for featuring my article CELEBRATE EARTH DAY WITH YOGA: Go GMO-Free including my outdoors Yoga Flow videos!

Elaine’s videos and books, "Yogi in the Kitchen"and “Yoga Weight Loss Guide and Cookbook Set”" feature earth-friendly yoga foods, diet, recipes and poses.

Yogis around the world will be celebrating Earth Day on April 22nd. Yoga and caring for Mother Nature have always been intimately connected. One way we can thank the Earth and take action is to choose an organic, GMO-free diet daily.


GE crops, also known as genetically modified organisms (GMOs), are plants that have been genetically altered by cutting and transferring genes from one species to another.  GE foods can contain genes from plants, bacteria, viruses, or animals that are not part of the human diet.  Cloned animals are genetically engineered to be the genetic copies of a donor animal. Proponents claim that genetic manipulation can create stronger crops and animals. But a growing number of experts believe that GE foods can cause irreversible harm to the ecosystem and human health. The long-term effects of these new foods are unknown.

Fortunately, certified organic producers do not use genetically modified seeds or ingredients. These companies go to great lengths to keep their products genetically unaltered and label their products as "non-GMO" or "GE-free".


Thousands of food products are made with ingredients from GE crops. Support sustainable farming practices and choose organic and GMO-free when food-shopping. In 2000, the True Food Network, the grassroots network of the Center for Food Safety, was established to stop genetic engineering of food and to create a sustainable food system. They've compiled an online guide of foods containing GE ingredients here.


*Look for labels that say 100 percent organic or GE-free or GMO-free. By
definition, 100 percent certified organic products are GE-free.
*Most whole foods including fruits, vegetables, beans, rice, wheat and other
grains are GE-free.
*Baby formula and processed foods (such as chips, snacks, sodas and soft
drinks) often contain GE ingredients like high-fructose corn syrup, soy lecithin
and canola oil. Choose organic instead!


Elaine Gavalas is a natural health expert, author, founder of Galen Botanicals and co-founder of SimplyCentered.com. She’s an exercise physiologist, yoga therapist, nutritionist, weight management specialist and healthy recipe developer. Visit ElaineGavalas.com for more of Elaine’s books, videos, podcasts, articles, recipes, and natural remedies.
To learn more about yoga, check out Elaine’s Crystal & Rox Special Edition books, “The Yoga Minibook for Weight Loss: Crystal & Rox Special Edition” and “The Yoga Minibook for Stress Relief: Crystal & Rox Special Edition”.

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