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If you have cellulite, or want to prevent its appearance, THE YOGA WEIGHT LOSS GUIDE Yoga Anti-Cellulite program can help. The key to banishing cellulite is to lose the fat and build muscle. The more taut your skin is, the less cellulite will show.


Cellulite is fat, like any other fat. The only difference is the way the fat is deposited under the skin. Pockets of this fat will cause the overlying skin to dimple, creating a lumpy appearance on the hips, buttocks, and thighs. Cellulite appears in men and women, although it’s more common in women because they have a higher percentage of fat on their bodies. The size and thickness of cellulite are also genetically determined and age-related. Miracle thigh creams, starving, and even surgery won’t guarantee permanent removal of stubborn cellulite.


By combining Yoga Flow Workouts and Yoga Diet to reduce overall body fat (or cellulite) with Yoga Toning to strengthen key muscles, you can produce major reductions in the appearance of cellulite.

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