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The Yoga Minibook for Beauty Coming Out Soon!

The Yoga Minibook for Beauty, my latest book in best-selling Yoga Minibook Series, will be coming out soon!
It's a Yoga Holistic approach to beauty…
That includes my Yoga Facelift program and Yoga Secrets to Inner & Outer Beauty.
And helped me to stay so youthful at 65…
Without toxic cosmetics, ineffective serums, injections, fillers or surgery!!!
"Yoga Beauty" ebook is an Excerpt from The Yoga Minibook for Beauty.
Right now, Yoga Beauty is available as a GIFT with all-natural NOTOX 'Botox in Bottle'.
This Special Offer is the Secret to Lasting Beauty…

I know it works! I'm 65! 

ORDER $55 for 1oz NOTOX & Yoga Beauty Ebook GIFT PayPal or Credit Card (secured).

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